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Sample Feedback from customers, readers and colleagues...

We get feedback daily and what follows is just a sample -- we couldn't possible fit all the feedback we have received over the years on one single webpage!!! (Note: not all the feedback has email addresses because we get lots in letters, as we sell both online and offline publications).


"Dear Mick, You're back from hell - me too! The NO BULL continues to get more and more outlandish, coarse, honest and downright vulgar. Congratulations."
- Bob Kennedy
Founder MuscleMag Int'l. Canada


"...The No Bull Collection is the only true bodybuilding mag that tells as it is. No articles to please the majority, no politics, no propaganda. Just plain and simple as it is. It takes a brave man to stick with what he believes in. I am sure there has been the temptation on many occasions to "tidy it up" to appeal to the masses and get a place on the high street magazine racks. But obviously you have resisted this temptation at considerable personal loss to yourself to give the bodybuilder the true picture...."
- Mike Mitchell
NABBA & WFF Scottish International President Ex Mr. Scotland, 2nd Place WFF Masters


"Started body building again after 5 years only one place to come - straight to Mick."
- Gavin Barlow 


"Hey Mick great site with a great personal touch, cheers mate."
- StuartMcDougall


"Keep up the good work with the NBC I look forward to every issue At least one Mag has the Balls to tell Bodybuilding as it really is."
- Derek Pillar


"For me the No Bull  magazine has everything that I would want in a way that actually makes me want to read it. With some of the other body-building / training magazines the information is delivered in a format not to educate but seemingly to show how intelligent the writer is and how ignorant the reader is. No Bull gives you the information straight to the point but with a healthy attitude of humor in itself.

With each edition of the magazine you can be guaranteed learning something that will genuinely make you better in the sport and you will also enjoy the process and how many of the other magazines can consistently do that.

What I mainly like is the fact that the information given is the information that the guys in the gym actually want and need, information thatís going to make them bigger, stronger and most of all healthier. Thatís why I read the magazine and why I will continue to do so."

- David Kirkman,
British Champion Kick-boxer


"Mick, I just finished reading "Tears On A Keyboard". It has brought tears to my eyes. I can relate to many things in your story. Life is weird, isn't it? I am glad you pulled through and to write such an inspiring story that has touch thousands, perhaps millions of people.

Thank you Mick. Thank you for sharing something so painful in your life to the rest of the world. We can all relate and learn from it in one way or another. God bless you and your family. I hope we can become friends for a very long time. Remember, what you do in life echoes in eternity."

In Strength & Honor,

- Patrick


"Dear Mick, I just received your e-mail and wanted to let you know that you rock. I had recently started taking gear and the only real help I had was from the actual supplier and the other guys in the gym. As you can probably imagine the information was shall we say conflicting.

I checked out a lot of different sites but it all seemed like the same boring bullshit- not really telling me what I needed to now. Your sight and e-mails have been instrumental in me making the proper gains on gear and not screwing myself by listening to a lot of so called experts.

I recently purchased the Laymans Guide- WOW. That is what I have been looking for and right on time. I had just started a cycle and was about to fuck it all up based on this goof ball I had met in the gym who claimed to be a certified trainer, steroid expert, etc.(basically a know it all asshole who really doesn't know jack shit)

Thank you for all of your great, straight forward information. Just to let you know I have not picked up a body building magazine or any other such related materials since getting hooked up with you. It all just seems like mindless dribble compared to you and what is up with all the advertisements? Are they trying to help or are they just after my money. (That's a rhetorical question)

Thank you again and congratulations on your work with Chris. He looks great. Thanks to you I am on my way there too."

- Brian Sundermann


"Hello Mick, I first heard of you by accident while searching the web for infomation on steroids, most of the sites are crap! I was on your site for hours just reading all I could with the intention of gathering as much info as I could then leave the site alone.

As I went through the site I realised that it was not just a source of information on steroids but bodybuilding, training, diet and all sorts of other related topics were there too, all backed up by yourself!

I purchased the laymans guides, which answered most of my questions, but realised to get the best out of my bodybuilding I would have to become a member of the Board, now I thought this would be expensive, but no it is very cheap and with the info I have recieved in the last month alone I have saved a lot of money and grief with the advice from other board members and yourself.

You have answered my questions on the phone, you have answered my mails and my guides came within a few days, excellent service, anyone interested in bodybuilding, let alone steroids would do well to see for themselves what Mick Hart Training Systems has to offer, from beginner to Competitor!

I would like to thank you for your time and trouble in helping me and I feel very comfortable with the knowledge that if I need help you are there for me. All the best."

- Paul


"Read both books the weekend that I bought them, they were brilliant, feel I've learnt so much from them in fact still refere to them for any queeries I have. Have exercise and gaer plans that are easy to understand and follow. Also now I know what the juice that I get is best for e.g mass, or conditioning. Money well spent and I havnt got a lot of it to go around. Cheers Mick."
- Daniel


"I have read both laymens guides and found them to be very enjoyable and informative. I now work out my own cycles utilising the steroid references in your books. I always like to fall back on the books just before a cycle to make sure everythings 100%. Cheers mick gold dust"
- Colin


"Dear Mick, It's great to hear that you're going to publish the No Bull collection online. It's about time the rest of the world got to read it - the UK has been lucky to have you for all these years, now everyone can learn and laugh with you.

Your amazing and unique attitude coupled with the No Bulls info and humor stand out like a lighthouse in the sea of hypocrisy and bullshit that fill the pages of the mainstream mags.

We respect the fact that you have not "sold out" like the others and filled your mag with supplement ads and articles designed only to sell products and not educate readers. We know exactly how hard it is to publish real bodybuilding and steroid info without bowing to the pressure and financial advantages of big supplement advertisements.

Your subscribers should count themselves amongst the luckiest alive. We wish you and your subscribers the very best wishes, and many more years on pure No Bull info."

- The Steroid-Encyclopaedia Team


"Hi Mick, What can I say, I cannot believe the stuff written in your mag, it is totally incredible. I also can't believe I have bought and read so much bullshit for the last 5 years in the "other" mags. After reading your explanation of why the content of the typical bodybuilding mags is so censored it began to make sense.

I have gone from never having heard about you, to not being able to STOP talking about the No Bull to the guys in the gym. Please send me details on how I can buy the paper edition of your back issues. I hope I can get it through customs !!! Keep up this incredible work. Thanks."
- Todd


"Subscribing to the No Bull Collection, reading your Layman's Guide 1 & 2 and steroid encyclopedia has changed my life. Unfortunately, I was one who let the media install fear in me without ever questioning do they even know what the fuck they are talking about.

What I have learned from you has also affected every other aspect in my life. Instead of believing what the media or someone say's I have learned to question it and seek advice from professionals like your self. You are truly an inspiration in my life. Keep telling it like it is because you have such A gift to impact peoples lives for the positive. For this I will be forever greatful."

Respectfully yours,
- Bill Mountford


"Dear Mr Hart, I just wanted to let you know in a simple email that I felt compelled to write to you after reading your "tears on a keyboard". And then I came across your post. I don't write emotional or personal emails.... not to anyone, let alone a guy I don't even know..... but I had to tell you this.

As a father of Two lovely boys and a person who loves the gym...cant say bodybuilder as I don't think I train hard enough or eat enough, I was inspired, saddened and moved greatly by your words.

The mixture of your emotions comes through so vividly and I just wanted to tell you that I think your strength of character to come through this, then write this down (and for others to see it) is amazing and a credit to you as a human being.

I wish you and your family all the best in the future, and I would like to thank you personally on behalf of my kids as you have reminded me in no uncertain terms that I am so lucky to have them... and yet I have spend so little time telling them how much they mean to me, something I fully intend to rectify. My thanks and my best personal regards"

- Adrian Jones


"Hi Mick, At a time where bodybuilding has become subject to the infighting of association wannabe's and the glare of the press, be it good or bad (usually the latter) it is somewhat refreshing to know there is still at least a handful of people out there who can still lift themselves above the crowd an exhibit humility and integrity when those around them fall like dominos.

It makes a pleasure to pick up a magazine or watch a bodybuilding video that exhibits three things: honesty, honesty and honesty (okay, so they're humorous as well) as opposed to the staged, airbrushed, clinical and heavily edited.

No that's not to destroy the other products, there is room (and a market) for all. But what people want to see is something that speaks their language. Mick Hart is one of those who speak the language. Sometimes brash, sometimes loud, often controversial and ON occasions witty but always brutally honest.

Good to see the mag has gone live... may you continue to reign. All the best."

- Neil Jackson
Film Producer/Director


"To Mick, One things for sure though the NO BULL certainly tells the stories other mags wouldn't dare... Seriously though, the mag is great, there's no hiding from the truth and the opinions in the magazine are NOT written by juiced up bodybuilders who claim they use Weider this and Muscletech that..."
- Marcel Apfel


"If you want the tools to become more than just a physique and learn the iron sport as a way of life as I did, Mick Hart's No Bull can help you do just that. This is just a personal thanks to a great friend and mentor... Thank you Mick!"
- Jake Shelton
ex-Pro Bodybuilder


"Dear Mick, I must have spent years buying glossy publications full of training routines which were totally unrealistic for the average mortal - and all performed by the owners of incredible physiques, built only on the bizarre supplements peddled within their pages.

NO BULL means exactly what it says. Honest, reliable and realistic. More than that, it's accessible and always on call to help with everything from routines to injuries.

What I admire the most of all is that the magazine does not champion one side or the other, it does not preach or pretend to tow the party line. The magazine simply tries to fight the ignorance.

At the end of the day, if you can educate while still keeping the tongue firmly in the cheek, it can't be a bad thing. Keep up the good work Mick. Yours sincerely,"

- Tim Dent
Conwy, North Wales


"Dear No Bull, After spending many years of reading the mainstream bodybuilding mags, it was a nice surprise to discover The No Bull Collection. Finally, a bodybuilding magazine that tells it like it is and isn't afraid to have a bit of fun while doing it!

There hasn't been an issue I've read that hasn't made me laugh, and at the same time, I've learned a great deal about supplementation, training, nutrition and steroids. To Mick and all the contributors, keep up the great work. This magazine will only get better as time goes by. Sincerely,"

- Tim Saunders
Canberra, ACT, Australia


"Dear Mick, firstly I would like to thank you for this special offer and your straight from the hip No Bull articles. At last someone who is in touch with the reality of the every day bodybuilder who is ordinary, but want to achieve." extraordinary results."
- Peter Michael Dedes


"I really enjoy your site, and your "Tears on a Keyboard" is great, reminded me of 15 months I spent lost in cocaine a while back. Addiction is tough!!!"
- Lance


"Finding you and your site makes me think that this year is going to be one to enjoy both in my training and now in my free time i get to read some worth while information I hope this find you well if you are ever traveling to Australia let me know so that I may meet up with you, I look forward to hearing from you and your honest "NO BULL" approach."

- Matt Tapp


"As a new member, I have already seen that I will be making this place my home for everything related to bodybuilding and training. All questions are answered quickly and you can be assured that the answer you get is backed by years of professional experience. The knowledge in Mick's books ALONE is invaluable, much less getting advice on your training and supplementation directly!

The other side is that the guys here are FRIENDLY, have a great sense of humor, and only want to help you succeed. They share my addiction to iron!

Other boards are full of people who are just there to chat or look at pictures or talk about Oprah's next diet....NOT No Bull!!! I'm confident that Mick will keep it that way!"

- Texas Power
No Bull Board Member (See full post on the board)


"The two books are great. I especially liked the second one. Ive been looking at the internet for advice for a few years as to how to start taking gear, but the responses from people always seemed to be to strong.

They were telling me, a steroid virgin, to take 600 of Deca per week and 500 of sust per week combined. I now know that this is to much for a first time user, and, unlike some advice that Ive recieved in the past, im going to use nolvadex all through the cycle to be on the safe side. Im going to be starting my first cycle next week of 200 deca a week for eight weeks, and D-bol in a gradual increase, then decrease order.

Your laymans guides have taught me a lot, especially that sane steroid use is safe and effective."

- Jackson


"To whom it may concern. The lamans Guides in my opinion, have got to be the two best books that I have ever purchased.I do believe, without a doubt that everyone who wants this kind of information should buy these books.

This was by far, the best money I have spent. Please keep me on your regular mailing list.I would also like to know more about any special promotions etc. concerning the No Bulls Collection. Again my sincere thanks."

- Brad


"Thanks for your first-rate customer support. I downloaded and read TLGS parts I & II in one sitting. Never thought it might be a page-turner. Obviously, I'll need to re-read it; for there is info that I'll need to recall as well as recognize.

BTW, the humor and frankness with which you discuss the issues are a most welcome change from the pap we're fed elsewhere. - Fine job!!"

- No name given


"Lament is an understatement to what level I understood about steroids and body building. I've read your manual and must say that it has educated me on more than what I expected to learn. The information is clear and concise, "no bull". I had no idea the human body can do what it does. I like the straight talk on the good and evils of how chemistry can affect your system. I've taken a different outlook to nutrition and health and have become more conscientious about them both.

The price of learning through mistakes can be very costly when you donít know what youíre doing and Iím not just talking about money. This manual has provided me with some insight to opening other avenues of research, which will take me on the road to where I want my body to be. - Thank you."

- Charles


"As to the laymans guides that I purchased I think they are awesome. I went from knowing pretty much nothing about steroids to knowing most of what I needed to know . From the books I've decided which and how much gear to take, what to stay away from. I think they are an invaluable source of knowledge. And I have to thank Mick for writing these, and giving those of us that haven't had the expirience the knowledge we need to use gear safely. -By far a job greately done."
- Gareth


"Mick, I must say that it's rather unusual to receive email in the type of voice that the 'No Bull' eZine arrives in. There aren't many like it in the world at all. I did get the Layman's Guide, and I have enjoyed the ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF IT! I do have a few of my own questions regarding certain supplements, stacks, etc, but I'll save those for later. For now, keep sending; I'll keep reading."
- J. Dagler


"Well I must say it is one of the more intriguingbooks and very informative if I had not already read (Chemical Warfare, Anabolic Advantage, Anabolics 2002, and of course the unforgetable Steroids 101)

I would say this is one of the best book to have as a beginner or long time participant full of Micks' humor but more so the truth that the AMA and the Feds do not want you to know it would take away someones job policing something as beneficial as AS. So here is to you who worked so hard on this project the world needs you so KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!"

- Dr. Arthur R. Calas Ph.D.
California, U.S.A.


"Mick, have read both LG 1 & 2 and I gotta tell you they made a shitload more sense than any of the other information I have read over the years. That includes many of the medical publications that go around expousing the so called 'truth' about gear.

I haven't yet subscribed to the No-Bull collection but it is just a matter of time and getting my arse into gear (not that gear). Cheers for the info and in the meantime I need to hit the gym. Thanks."

- DH


"The books are very useful and I cant wait to start seeing results. The injection procedure chapter was explained in a way that gave me the courage to do it myself and Mick was right, it was painless!! That eliminated the need to arrange for someone to help me, which in my case is not so easy to do. Thanks for your help. Sincerly,"
- Nick


"Hi Mick, my name is James. I ordered your Laymans Guides 1 and 2 about a mounth ago. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. It's good to see someone with enough balls to stand up in the middle of a media controlled society and tell it like it really is specially when it comes to steriods.

People have been brain fucked for so long about the subject that to even mention the word steroids is futile Its been labeled and stuck on the shelf under sterotype.

Someone that I admire and respect very much once told me that people perish from lack of knowledge not only are they blind but they make it impossible for outhers to see. Popular opinion isn,t allways the best path to take.the truth is out there but sometimes we have to get off our lazy asses and do a little of that four letter word called work to find it.

I think the story about the guy doing squats with the gear up his ass sums it up, not only was it funnier than hell the point was well made.you have boath curage and caricature Mick for that I thank you and I hope you continue to let your light shine for those who really want to know the truth about steriods and to those who don't, well fuck em."

- James


"I just want to say that everything I have read has been awesome. I am very new to the bodybuilding world. I have only been involved for around 2yrs now. I have used alot of your advice in the gym and it has worked to my advatange. Just want to say thanx."
- Frank Rap


"Here in the UK Mick has a fantastic reputation as both an expert in steroids and also training - he has trained many very successful bodybuilders. I have a great deal of respect for him (I've known about him for around 10 years, I first bought some copies of his magazine 'No Bull' when at university) and so I looked forward greatly to reading his steroid books - I looking forward to reading something a little special.

I wasn't let down. :) Mick has a straight from the hip, no messing conversational style of writing and his hum our is second to none. It makes reading his work a real joy. I think he could make a book about how to get paint to dry entertaining!! If you've read any of Mick's stuff you will know just how entertaining he is....."

- Continued here...


"Dear Mick Hart, I have recently purchased both your books and read them from cover to cover the moment I downloaded it. I thought they were fantastic. Steroids, if used incorrectly, are a real hazard to one's health. I have a few friends who are going through some tough times because they abused some gear for quite a while. I wish they had these books years ago to lead them in the right direction. If I ever do decide to take steroids you better believe these two books will be right by my side the whole way through. Thank you for your expertise on the subject."
- David
New York

P.S. "Tears on a Keyboard" was extremely touching. One of my friends is trying to battle that addiction right now and I gave him your book to see if it will help. To date, he's been clean for 10 days. It's a start at least.


"I have been reading these books now for about a week.They are very much what I intended them to be (full of knowledge).These are very well written books, couldn't have did any better."
- Shane


"Hey Mick I read the first Layman's guide and it was great. To think that I don't have to take a crap load of juice to get the size I want is a relief. I see so many people on the forums spouting you need to take 800mg of sust and 50mg of d-bol and 400mg of Deca to get the results you want. I'm looking forward to reading the second Layman's guide. Thank you for all the info Mick and a couple of laughs to go with it."
- Glenn


"Hi Mick, what can I say nothing really apart from fantastic, superb, funny, informative but most of all BRUTALLY HONEST. If people are offended by the fucks then they don't live in the real world and are the people who will fuck up by not using the info in the books.

The content is excellent and I devoured them now I am reading them so I take in the information properly and don't end up a dickhead steroid user. Tears on a keyboard had me looking at how lucky I am with my family and made me give my kids a big hug. It gives me the a picture of a man of iron will and honesty who can admit he fucked up and share it with the world thank you for that. I am looking forward to my training and will follow your advice to the letter thank you Mick stay healthy and lucky."

- Joe




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