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I have often thought about what it really takes to be a bodybuilder. Guts and sheer commitment, that is what the answer is to be honest. There is no other way. A part of your life is the way it has to be, only then can you even think that success may be a part of that ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’.

Fast Gains
The proverbial question: what's the fastest way to gain muscle? That question can be answered in a number of ways, but the best way (not the easiest!) is going to be discussed in this article.

Hart to Hart
Bodybuilding, training, steroid and personal questions and answers with "Agony Aunt"  Mick Hart. Got a question? Got a problem? Let us have it then...

Sometimes we can’t avoid them. We scream and shout and gnash our teeth but boozing is such a deep-rooted part of our culture that on such momentous occasions as “Stag doos” or “21st Birthdays” we just HAVE to do it. But we can minimize the risks and disruption to our otherwise healthy body building lifestyle.

Abdominal Training
Do sit ups really work? What about belly buttons, just how deep an issue are they? See the answers onthe cover of the No Bull Edition 24

Anadrol Hell
So it all began when I became like most of us do at times, despondent about, “What no gains?” After training for 5 years or more, I had reached that plateau of no more gains at the age of 22.

Arse to Arse
More bodybuilding, training, steroid and personal questions and answers with "Agony Aunt"  Mick Hart. Got a question? Got a problem? Let us have it then...

Between Sets
The Ladies bodybuilding scene seems to have its knickers in a twist. The old Physique versus Figure question and that other imponderable, “‘What are the judges looking for?”, are the main debating points. Though it could be that the second part is the only real question.

Between Sets Again
"I'm dancing with tears in my eyes, because the girl in my arms is a boy"... Which well -known bodybuilder was heard singing this at an after-show dance?

Is Bodybuilding Falling Apart
Last issue, I talked about the reasons why it is so difficult to get men into contests and the extent of the commitment needed - in time and money - to achieve success in amateur contests. Now I want to say something about the problems of judging and the lack of rewards for Pro Bodybuilders.

Bodybuildings Last Stand
We have had loads of kind comments about the NO BULL mag - thanks for that people, it is really what keeps us going. That’s really true because there ain’t no fucking money in this game I can tell ya.

Something all bodybuilders, weight lifters, power lifters and other athletes share is a certain degree of dedication and devotion to there sport - whatever it may be. Only the levels of that dedication alter.

Economy Shedules
Multi marathon workouts, splitting the split routines and giant sets are all very well for professional bodybuilders, fanatics or people who don't have to earn a living.

Foot It
To most of you out there, your first thought will be, “how do my feet affect my bodybuilding capability?” Did you know that misalignment of the feet e.g pronation (dropped arches) or supination (over high arches) can cause problems such as shin splint, heal pain, calf pain, hip pain, lower back pain, groin pain, even neck pain.

More Hart to Hart
What is the crack with this injectable silicone stuff? What does it actually do? I have heard that it swells the area up or something and can increase the size in a matter of hours. What is it all about and have I got it right? If it works that well, is it safe to have a go if it works that well?


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