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See a step by step plan of how one "Joint Venture Partner" made $4157 in one month with less than 1 hours work, and how you can do the same...

"I have just seen our site make over $4000 in one month with less than 1 hours work on my part.

I am certain that this partnership will earn our site a minimum $50,000 extra over the next 12 months with hardly any effort at all on our part."

- Martin, Marketing and Promotion

Mick Hart's "Layman's Guides to steroids" Joint Venture Program...

Below you'll find the exact details and results, including promotion methods, hits, sales, and profits, of our first month's work promoting the Layman's Guides to steroids, and how our first Joint Venture Partner made over $4000 with less than 1 hours work (my web team did the rest) and how you can do the same...

Included in the details below are actual screen shots that verify all incomes claimed, and show exactly how much it's possible to earn by simply linking to the "Layman's Guides to steroids" from your own site.

Message From the Mick Hart Web Team:

At the beginning of May we started to sell the online pdf version of Mick Hart's best selling steroid books "The Layman's Guides to steroids I and II". The site where these books are sold from is -- click there now and take a look. 

(Please note that all links on this page open in a new browser window so that you can view the details without losing this page. Simply close the newly opened window when you have finished viewing the details to continue reading this page.)

The package consists of the pdf versions of the Layman's Guides to steroids I and II, together with a bonus ebook "Tears on a Keyboard" -- the whole lot costing the customer just $29.00 (US Dollars), and comes complete with a "no questions asked 180 day money back guarantee".

:: Promotion during May - Launch Month

The only promotion that we did during the month of May (the first month's promotion) was via a joint venture with the website where Mick regularly contributes some articles etc.

We joint ventured with Steroid Encyclopaedia on the promotion of the ebooks and split the profit 50/50 after the payment handler (Clickbank) had first taken out their part.

The promotion consisted of a "pop under" window on the index page, to capitalize on all the site's exit traffic, (people only see this when they leave the site), therefore not affecting Steroid Encyclopaedia's own membership sales in anyway whatsoever.

The only other promotion that happened during the month was via two seperate announcements to the Steroid Encyclopaedia ezine list.

:: Here are the two mails that were sent out:

1) sent out 12th May 2002
2) sent out one week later on the 19th May 2002

:: Unique visitors during May

As you can see on the screen shot (see link below) a total of 6106 unique visitors landed on during May, of which almost all came via the Steroid Encyclopaedia joint venture promotion. (There was a small amount of traffic, and subsequent sales which came from Mick's own existing customer base as well).

>> Click here to see screen shot of unique visitors for May, figures by counter. You can see the high increase in visitors when the emails were sent to their ezine list.

:: Sales for May

The total number of sales made during May were 372, which can be verified by the screen shots below. (Please note that we have "hidden" the customers names to respect their privacy, but all transactions for the month are clearly shown.)

>> Click here to see screen shot of sales from 1st to 15th May 2002 - 192 sales
>> Click here to see screen shot of sales from 16th to 31st May 2002 - 180 sales

:: Conversion rate for May

372 sales from a total of 6106 unique visitors gives a conversion rate of 6%, or put another way 6 out of every 100 visitors to the site buys the ebooks, which means approximately 1 sale for every 17 visitors. This is a very high conversion rate and mainly due to 3 reasons. 1) We had a professional copy writer and web designer make the sales text and site, 2) the products are proven sellers 3) the package represents outstanding value for money at only $29 with a no risk guarantee.

:: Commissions earned by Steroid Encyclopaedia

On this joint venture with Steroid Encyclopaedia we split the profit 50/50 (after Clickbank -- the payment handler -- takes out their handling charge), which gives a total commission to both ourselves and Steroid Encyclopaedia of $12.91 per sale from each visitor that they send who buys.

In this case Steroid Encyclopaedia made a total of 322 sales (from the 372 total sales) which can be indentified on the above screen shots by their clickbank nickname "steroids" appearing under the "referral" column.

>> In monetary terms Steroid Encyclopaedia earned a total of (322 x $12.91) $4157.02 just for the month of May 2002 without affecting their own membership sales in any way whatsoever.

Steroid Encyclopaedia sent a total of 5220 unique visitors (from the 6106 total) to the site during this month, which means they earned a total of 80 cents per visitor who clicked on their joint venture link -- which is exceptionally high.

Also remember that we made the pop under for Steroid Encyclopaedia, and we also made the 2 emails that they sent to their list. In total the guys at Steroid Encyclopaedia spent less than 1 hours work in the whole month simply adding the necessary pop under code to their site and sending out 2 emails to their list.

To summarize, Steroid Encyclopaedia made a total of $4157.02 dollars income for less than 1 hours work on their part (and that was the first month only) just by linking to us... and you can do the same, it's all explained below.

:: Were the customers happy?

There were only a total of 7 refunds (we offered a "no questions asked 180 day money back guarantee") from the 372 sales. This is a refund percentage of about 2% which is very low for an electronic product. 

The norm for an electronic product is between 5 and 10% with almost all refunds always being requested within the first few days after purchase, so we don't expect these figures to increase.

You can see the actual refunds by looking at these screen shots:-

>> Click here to see screen shot of refunds on sales from 1st to 15th May 2002
>> Click here to see screen shot of refunds on sales from 16th to 31st May 2002

This is an indication that the customer satisfaction level was exceptionally high, meaning that not only does this product sell very well but people are delighted with their purchase.

If so many people are happy with their purchase then they will also be happy with you for having refered them to the Layman's Guides. It's a win win situation for you and your site's visitors. They get a great product that represents excellent value for money and you get a referral commission. 

:: Can you earn the same?

It all depends on the size and responsiveness of your ezine list and also the amount of traffic you generate at your website. Steroid-Encyclopaedia is ranked 65,897 by Alexa (at the time of writing this) so that gives you a fair idea of their traffic -- maybe you can earn much more!

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