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What's the best way to earn commissions?

:: Our experience shows this to be the very best way to earn commissions

Mick's hottest selling products are his "Layman's Guides to Steroids I and II". Although the actual conversion rate for "The Chris Report" is slightly higher many of the people who actually buy "The Chris Report" have previously bought the Guides, and therefore are very confident with Mick...

...But without question the conversion rate on "brand new traffic" who don't know about Mick is best for the Guides. Therefore you will make much more money promoting the Layman's Guides because you will first receive your commission for that sale AND because the customer will already have your tracking code on his computer you will also receive your commission should he then buy "The Chris Report". Hence it's possible to be paid twice for just promoting one product.

We therefore recommend that you focus your main promotion efforts on the Guides. On this page you will find tools to help you promote the Layman's Guides, we suggest you check this out and start to promote as soon as possible.

:: Suggested Promotion Strategy

1. Using the tools on this page select what is best for you. For our top earning JV partner -- -- they get the best results using the pop under window behind the main page of their site, combined with a small review of the Guides in their site which sends lots of targetted traffic.

2. Write your very own review of the Guides and tell your visitors in your own words what you think of them. Then post this review in a prominent position on your website

3. Promote to your ezine list. This is easily the fastest way to earn money. Simply tell your ezine list about the Guides -- being careful to pre-sell and not trying to sell too hard (leave that to our website) -- then you can produce excellent commissions very quickly.

4. If you don't have you own ezine list then promote ours. This is by far the easiest way for you to offer something of great value to your visitors. You can simply promote Mick's FREE No Bull Ezine via your special link and earn income comletely passively as we do all the work for you. To see exactly how to do this click here

5. Use Mick's articles on your site. And add your JV links to ALL Mick's products at the beginning and end of each article. See this page to see exactly what we mean

6. Be sure you also link to the No Bull Blog. The blog is a great platform to promote as it offers great free content, your visitors get tagged and you earn when they buy in the future.


See how to earn money promoting Mick's FREE "No Bull Blog"

joint venture home > best way to earn commissions

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